MBA in Agribusiness Management Courses Colleges in India


Agribusiness Managers have a big role to play in Indian economy as agriculture is a main part of Indian economy. Agribusiness Management is application of Management principles for Agriculture. Indian agriculture is rapidly changing due to globalisation, competitive environment and changing role of government. It was found that fresh agricultural graduates were facing problems as managers in agri-business firms.


MBA in Agribusiness management includes areas such as production and marketing seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, farm machinery and equipment, livestock feed, irrigation, export and import, co-operatives, rural banking, agricultural projects, insurance, logistics, land management, water management and irrigation, and sustainable energy. The Master of Business Administration (Agri Business) is a two-year full time residential post-graduate degree programme which grooms young men and women into professional managers for core areas of agribusiness and allied sectors.


MBA in Agribusiness Management Eligibility


Students must a indian citizen and age below of 30 years and having Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or allied disciplines from any Agricultural University or Institution as recognized by the ICAR with a minimum of 60 per cent marks (55 per cent for SC/ST) are eligible to apply for the MBA (Agri Business) programme. Final year graduating students expecting to complete all degree requirements before July 15, 2012 and obtaining the minimum prescribed percentage of marks can also apply.


MBA in Agribusiness Management Syllabus


Semester I

  • Principles of Management
  • Agri Business Environment & Policy
  • Managerial Economics
  • Managerial Accounting & Control
  • Communication for Management & Business
  • Research Methodology in Business Management
  • Marketing Management

Basic Supporting Courses

  • Computer for Managements
  • Library & Information Services

Semester II

  • Business Laws and Ethics
  • Financial Management
  • Production &Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Rural Marketing
  • International Trade & Sustainability Governance
  • Individual and Group Behaviour

Basic supporting courses (Compulsory)

  • Management Information System
  • Operations Research

Compulsory – Non Credit Course

Technical Writing & Communication Skills


Semester III


Core Courses

  • Agri Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management & Entrepreneurship Development
  • Strategic Management

Elective courses


Section A

General Elective Courses

  • Agricultural Marketing Management
  • Farm Business Management
  • Agricultural Risk Management
  • Management of Agribusiness Cooperatives
  • Agribusiness Financial Management
  • Quality Management
  • Micro-Finance Management
  • Commodity Markets and Futures Trading
  • Banking & Insurance Management

Section B

Industry Oriented Elective Courses

i. Agri Input Industry

  • Management of Agricultural Input Marketing
  • Fertiliser Technology & Management
  • Management of Agro Chemical Industry
  • Seed Production Technology & Management

ii. Horticulture Industry

  • Fruit Production & Post Harvest Management
  • Management of Floriculture & Landscaping
  • Vegetable Production & Post Harvest Management

iii. Food Industry

  • Food Technology & Processing Management
  • Food Retail Management
  • Organic Food Technology & Management

iv. Farm Engineering

  • Farm Power & Machinery Management
  • Management of Irrigation Systems
  • Renewable Energy Resource Management

v. Livestock Industry

  • Technology Management for Livestock Products
  • Feed Business Management
  • Poultry & Hatchery Management
  • Management of Veterinary Hospitals

Non Credit Course
Disaster Management


Semester IV

  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Project Work

MBA in Agribusiness Management Colleges in India


Institute of Agri Business Management

  • Phone number: +91 (151)2252981, 2252982, 2252981, 2252982,09414430165
  • Email:
  • Official Website:

Agriculture and Food Management Institute

  • Phone number: 0821-4280781, 2900073,09620017272, 09902927272, 09449270600
  • Email: ,
  • Official Website:

Centre of Agri-Management

  • Phone number: (0674)-2567035,2567496,3207415,9437064589,9437124356, 9778914859
  • Email:
  • Official Website: 


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