Scholarship in Jharkhand for Engineering Students

The scholarship is Sponsored by State Government (100% State Government), the scheme is available for engineering students or medical colleges.

The Scholarship for engineering students or medical colleges. The Birsa Munda Technical Scholarship was Sponsored By State Government (100% State Government).

The scholarship is to offer for financial assistance to those students of Scheduled Tribe who are studying in medical or engineering colleges outside the states.

For more information about the Birsa Munda Scholarships, please visit the official website of scholarship (official website is given below).

Eligibility for Jharkhand Scholarship

Students must be a member of Scheduled Tribe and studying in engineering or medical colleges outside the state.

Purpose of Birsa Munda Technical Scholarship

Purpose of this scholarship is to offer financial help to the scheduled tribe students who are enrolled for higher technical education outer the State in Engineering and Medical colleges.

  • Under this scheme such Tribal students are given stipend for 12 months, tuition fees, admission fees, examination fees and other compulsory fees charged by the institution.
  • Carefulness cash is not covered under this scholarship scheme.
  • Do you want to know the how to apply Birsa Munda Technical Scholarship, please visit their official website.

Contact Details of Birsa Munda Technical Scholarship

Official Website of Scholarship :


Telephone No

  1. 0651-2400765
  2. 0651-2400215

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